Spain offers unparalleled weather conditions throughout the year to practice sports, as well as excellent hotel complexes and high quality sports facilities that allow teams to enjoy their stay and optimize their preparation.

During the course of these programs, our main goal is to release the teams from all their obligations related to the organizational aspects of the activities offered so that they can focus entirely in their physical and mental preparation.

We develop customized programs to fulfil the needs of each team, which allow us to tend to professional and amateur teams. In addition, if the teams need us to, we can set friendly matches of the required level, as well as activities not related to sports.

Our primary area of operation is the Community of Valencia, however, if necessary, we can offer our services in other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

The experience we have gathered over the years and our organizational structure allow us to develop training programs for almost any sport.



  • Top level accommodations
  • Private dining rooms (customized menus)
  • Sports facilities
  • Friendly matches (optional))
  • High performance gymnasium
  • Fully equipped locker-rooms
  • Sports equipment
  • Top of the line bus services
  • Guide/interpreter services
  • Security (optional)
  • Press office (optional)
  • Spa
  • Physiotherapy room
  • Medical care
  • Golf, paddle tennis, tennis, swimming pool...




  • Different lodging options
  • Full board food regime
  • Sports facilities
  • Friendly matches (optional)
  • Locker rooms
  • Sports equipment
  • Bus services
  • Guide/interpreter services
  • Sports insurance (optional)
  • Activities not related to sports

If you are interest in what we have to offer, contact us and we will prepare a project tailored to your needs.