Sports Tourism

The way in which we understand sports has evolved greatly. Nowadays, sports are seen as an element that boosts the quality of life, which, in many cases, is linked to a recreational concept. “Sport Tourism” programs are those in which the travellers combine a tourism trip with their participation in a sports event.

Tour-Sport is one of the pioneers of “Sports Tourism” in Spain. Since it was established in 1994, sports people from more than 75 countries and 5 continents have participated in our events, booking more than 500.000 reservations in hotel rooms in direct connection to said events.

The combination of sports and tourism has a great potential for the times to come, that is why we, at Tour-Sports, are focused on continuing our existing programs and diversifying our offer in order to empower Spain, in general, and specifically the community of Valencia, as a tourism and sports attraction able to draw people from all over the world.


What we do

Tour-Sport was established in 1994. The original idea was offering young sports people the chance to combine fantastic vacations with their favourite sports. Our intention was to build that original idea over three cornerstones that are closely interconnected, which were, and continue to be, the essence of our business: 

  • Strengthening Sports Tourism
  • Providing the events with an international nature, trying to reach participants from all continents.
  • Building values through shared experiences, not only sports experiences but personal ones, with young people from different cultures, nationalities and religious backgrounds.


Since then, we have expanded our range of products and services, offering programs in several sports, for people of all ages, at professional and amateur level. In all cases, our goal is to offer quality projects with impeccable organization and logistics that are able to fulfil even the highest of expectations.

We offer:
  • A high level of expertise obtained during the organization of numerous events over our 24 years of experience.
  • A team of professional who are highly motivated to develop top quality programs.
  • Close and personal customer service in order to adapt to the needs of each client.